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Create new Project

Open VS Code and find Platformio Home (1 and 2 in image). Then push button New project (3, behind the dialog) to open the dialog box.

Platformio dialog box new project
  • Select a name for your project
  • Select a board according to your Master Module, see below a compatibility's table
  • Select Arduino as framework

The board you should select depends on the Master Module you are going to use, these are the currently supported modules and their corresponding PlatformIO board:

Master Module PlatformIO Board
ESP32 Espressif ESP32 Dev Module
ESP8266 Espressif ESP8266 ESP-12E
Duino Zero Arduino Zero (USB Native port)
Duino Leonardo Arduino leonardo
Duino Mega Arduino Mega or Mega 2560
Duino Uno Arduino Uno

The project will be created and you will see the file explorer with the contents of your project:

Platformio dialog box new project

Project Configuration

Time to setup your project. We will need to install some dependecies, including rhomb.iot itself.

Continue with Project Configuration