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Getting Started

This guide will show you how to download rhomb.IoT and set up a working environment on your computer.

Having previous knowledge of microcontroller programming with Arduino or any other platform may be important to follow these steps.

Download rhomb.IoT

In order to download rhomb.IoT you can either clone the Git repository or download a zip file from the Releases section of our repository.

To clone the repository you can use the following command:

git clone

If you want to contribute to the development of rhomb.IoT you'll want to read the developers Contribution Guidelines.

Setup your editor

In order to use rhomb.IoT you need a code editor or IDE to edit code (when needed) and flash the microcontroller. Arduino IDE plays in another league and is not compatible. At Tecnofingers we use VS Code for many reasons:

  • It's free, open source and compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac
  • Developed by a large company with high quality standards (We're not big fans of Microsfot, but is the truth.)
  • Includes C++ Code Intellisense for auto-completion of code, go to reference, re-factoring, step-by-step debugging, unit testing, integrated serial terminal and other cool features.
  • The preferred configuration to work with this editor is written in a JSON file inside the repository (.vscode/.settings.json), so all the team members can share the same configuration.
  • Has perfect compatibility with PlatformIO, the build and upload tool we use.
  • Is fast, beauty and comfortable.


The important thing is not really the editor, but the PlatformIO plugin that we will install later. That's why any editor that is compatible with PlatformIO can be compatible with rhomb.IoT

If you are not an advanced user, follow the instructions in this tutorial for VS Code.

Install VS Code

We won't go into too much detail here, just download the latest version available for your operating system and follow the installation instructions.

Download Visual Studio Code

Install PlatformIO

At we have written a tutorial to setup PlatfromIO with VS Code, please follow this link:

Setup PlatformIO for

A more detailed explanation about the installation process may be found on the official documentation of PlatformIO

Other VS Code Extensions

Has perfect compatibility with PlatformIO, the build and upload tool