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Module opmode

  • OPMODE_BOOT: opmode.h::boot() | Configured by default as the first mode. It is in charge of initializing all the modules and set the normal opmode.
  • OPMODE_NORMAL: opmode.h::normal() | The boot opmode will change to normal. All work is done in this mode. Sensor data is read, messages are created and transmitted.
  • OPMODE_LOW: opmode.h::low() | It performs the same functions as the normal opmode but at longer intervals and by activating the sleep mode whenever possible. Algunos módulos pueden decidir dejar de funcionar cuando se activa este modo.
  • OPMODE_SLEEP: opmode.h::sleep() | The microcontroller goes into sleep mode and stops working. This is usually reached via the BATT module, when a low battery charge is reported. You can also activate this mode manually when you want to save the battery, for example during the night.
  • OPMODE_FATAL_ERROR: opmode.h::fatal() | An error prevents rhomb.IoT from working. Visual alarms such as LED flashes or LCD messages are activated. This can be reached when a slave module is wrongly placed or a configuration parameter is not correct.

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