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What is rhomb.IoT?

rhomb.IoT is an open source library developed by Tecnofingers for the hardware platform. With rhomb.IoT you can program IoT devices for smart homes, smart cities, industry and commercial projects, among others.

rhomb.IoT is a library written in C++ using Arduino as the base and adding an abstraction layer with its own libraries that facilitate its operation with multiples microcontrollers of different architectures and communication modules like WiFi, GPRS, BL, GPS, LORA or environmental sensors and actuators.

rhomb.IoT is modular, tthere is a unique configuration file with which to control all aspects of the library: from choosing a communications module (wifi, gsm, lora), to the time intervals for connecting to the server, the sensor data to be sent at each connection or the sleep/watchdog configuration.

What is hardware

Our modular and scalable hardware platform designed to build your products and rapid prototyping. We started its development in 2014. Today we have a large amount of hardware designed and manufactured that we have been able to test continuously in real scenarios.


The firmware rhomb.IoT is an extension for the hardware. Both firmware and hardware, modular and scalable, allow our users a wide range of possibilities to develop their ideas.

Our hardware and software is open source under the GNU/GPL3 license and others. Commercial licenses are also available.

IoT Platform & M2M Management

A rhomb.IoT device may send information to a remote server, work with data loggers or LORA networks. At Tecnofingers we have also developed our own commercial and web-based solution for IoT with device management:

M2Mss Dashboard

It is called M2M System Source and, of course, you can contact us for more info. If you have a really big fleet of devices our developers can adapt our software to your needs and isolate a copy of the source code in a private server under mutual control. M2Mss also has a Web Api and a Websocket service to integrate reports and real time information in your application.


M2M System Source is optional for rhomb.IoT, you can configure your device to sent information to your own servers. You should know the Communication Protocol.

Integration with other IoT Platforms

Currently rhomb.IoT is only compatible with the IoT platform of M2M System Source, but we are open to add new options in the future, like MQTT, COAP or third party providers like Azure or AWS IoT.